About Us

At the turn of the year I started a vegan diet because of my love for animals and the environment. Personally I love the food so it is not too much of a big deal. It can be hard to keep the family happy and I will give my opinion on what the children do and do not like. They both made the choice to become vegetarian last year.

The reason for beginning to blog my vegan journey is simple.

After visiting the supermarket during the coronavirus pandemic (March 2020) the shelves were empty however, the Vegan diet utilises and embraces a wide range of products.

Recipes can be frustrating at times, whether it be the instruction, the budget or hard to find ingredient. There is usually a simple solution when thinking about the taste rather than the recipe and putting your own twist on a recipe is great way to be creative on your vegan journey.

We run a family pet sitting business called Netley Burrow (feel free to follow us) where we specialise in Rabbit bonding and boarding. We have 5 of our own rescued house-rabbits whose personalities bring our family so much happiness.