How to make Oat Milk

How to make Oat Milk

Oat milk is incredibly versatile, it can be used in place of any dairy/vegan milk in a recipe, heated for a proper Vegan Hot Chocolate, or blended into a smoothie or milkshake with fresh banana. The Oat Pulp is a great thickener for sauces and soups such as our Parsnip & Apple Soup. I just tub it and put it in the fridge & use within 7 days. Here are two methods of How to make Oat Milk.

The First Method is for a Quick Oat Milk that can be used straight away but will go gloopy after time.

The Second Method that takes a little longer but can substitute your day-to-day Dairy/Vegan Milk for hot drinks, breakfast etc.

Method 1

Ingredients for Quick Oat Milk

100 g Oats
(I used Rolled Oats)

500 g Filtered Water

Creating Quick Oat Milk

Prep time 5 minutes

  1. Add 100 g Oats & 500 g Filtered Water to the blender
  2. Blend for 30 seconds
  3. Pour through a fine sieve
  4. Reserve the Oat Milk Pulp if you wish (Can be frozen & used for thickening sauces, adding protein to smoothies & cookies)

Please note; this is totally unsweetened

Method 2

Ingredients for Oat Milk for the Fridge

200 g Oats
(I used Rolled Oats)

900 ml Filtered Water

A pinch of Salt


1 tbsp Agave Syrup or Maple Syrup



Large Jug (or bowl something that will hold a litre of liquid and the sieve can hook onto)

Fine Sieve

Muslin (Cheesecloth) or a Nut Bag (I don’t have one, some say it lets through too much)

Creating Oat Milk (to be kept in the fridge for drinks, breakfasts etc)

Warning – This can get a bit mucky. have experimented with this recipe a few times now, this recipe is working really well & will get quicker with practice.

A Container/Jug with sealed lid to store in the fridge

Prep time Cold Water + 25 minutes

Phase 1
  1. Put 500 ml Filtered Water in the Freezer for an hour or Fridge Overnight
Phase 2
  1. First & Foremost Wash Your Hands!
  2. Add 100 g Oats, 1 tbsp Agave Syrup, a pinch of Salt & 500 ml Filtered Water to the blender
  3. Blend for 45 seconds
  4. Pour through a Fine Sieve into a Large Jug, do not to force the mix through or it will become gooey!
  5. Give it a gentle mix with a spoon
  6. Reserve the Oat Milk Pulp if you wish (Can be frozen & used to thicken sauces, add protein to smoothies & make cookies)
Phase 3
  1. Rinse the Blender Jug
  2. Now line the Fine Sieve with Muslin & strain the Oat Milk into the Blender Jug (again don’t force the milk through it will become gloopy)
  3. Give it a gentle mix with a spoon
  4. Discard any liquid/pulp that will not go through the Muslin
  5. Give the Muslin & Sieve a really good rinse with Cold Water until clean
  6. Now strain the Oat Milk through the Muslin into your Large Jug
  7. If you have space let it do this final sieve in the fridge
  8. Leave for a few hours
Phase 4
  1. The gloop in the sieve can just be washed away
  2. Pour the Oat Milk into a Jug or Container that has an airtight lid that fits in the fridge
  3. Shake well before use, Use within 7 days

Happy Drinking

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