Pearl Barley Spring Broth

Pearl Barley Spring Broth

Soups are the go-to meal at the moment during the lockdown, this Pearl Barley Spring Broth is light but filling and is a great way to use some of those staple ingredients in the larder, the last few frozen peas in the freezer and bits of leftover vegetables in the fridge. Lovely to soak up with some homemade Soda Bread.

This is spring variation of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Raid-the-larder bean & Spelt Broth in River Cottage Veg Everyday, which is a great book (not strictly vegan). The variations for this soup are endless, most beans will work (not baked beans in sauce) as will most vegetables. The Pearl Barley is a must though.

Ingredients for Pearl Barley Spring Broth

Serves 4

200 g Dried Butter Beans or 400 g Tinned

50 g Pearl Barley

4 tsp Vegan Boullion

Spring Cabbage (A few outer leaves)

2 Large Tomatoes (or equivalent)

100 g Frozen Peas

Creating Pearl Barley Spring Broth

Prep Time 30 Minutes Cook Time 75 Minutes Soak Beans (if dried 15-20 Hours)

Phase 1
  1. First and Foremost Wash Your Hands!
  2. If using 200g Dried Butter Beans soak overnight
    (If using tinned beans go straight to Phase 2 step 3 & add the Butter Beans at Phase 3 step 5 Ingredients)
Pearl Barley Spring Broth
Phase 2
  1. Rinse the Butter Beans and bring to the boil in a pan of water and simmer for an hour.
  2. Whilst waiting for the Butter Beans, prep the other ingredients
  3. Finely slice the Spring Onion
  4. Dice the Tomatoes
  5. Measure out the 100 g Peas (or use what’s leftover in the bag)
  6. This should leave you time to cook the Pearl Barley before the Butter Beans have finished
Pearl Barley Spring Broth
Phase 3
  1. Bring 750 ml water to the boil, whisk in 4 tsp Boullion Powder/Cube
  2. Add the 50 g Pearl Barley & cook for 20 minutes
  3. Drain the Butter Beans
  4. Add them to the Stock/Pearl Barley along with all your other Ingredients
  5. Bring this to the boil for 2-3 minutes
  6. Season with Salt & Pepper to how you like it
  7. Serve alone or with bread, I have topped ours with a little homegrown Mustard Cress.
Pearl Barley Spring Broth

Happy Eating

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