Vegan Mocha Frappe

Vegan Mocha Frappe

I love Coffee but it can be ever so dehydrating when the sun is shining, therefore, I like to make it into an ice cold Vegan Mocha Frappe that is refreshing and energising.

Ingredients for Vegan Mocha Frappe

Makes 4 Cups or 2 Large Glasses

500 ml Filter Coffee

50 g Cacao Powder
(Or a Vegan Cocoa Powder)

2 tbsp Agave Syrup

300 ml Oat Milk

1 Tray of Ice Cubes


(I am using a 1.6 litre K-Mix Blender & this fills it to capacity, if you have a smaller blender jug, perhaps half the recipe first)

Creating Vegan Mocha Frappe

  1. Make 500 ml Filter Coffee & take out the machine to cool down
    (You can use instant if you prefer)
  2. Put Coffee, 50 g Cacao Powder & 2 tbsp Agave Syrup in the Blender Jug & blend for 20 seconds
  3. Add the 300 ml Oat Milk & 1 Tray of Ice Cubes & pulse the Mocha Frappe in 10 second bursts until the ice has all broken down
  4. Serve instantly with reusable straws. Yummy!

Happy Drinking!

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Vegan Mocha Frappe
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